Chooseday pledger: Francisco

Francisco or Coco to some, tells us why we decided to take the Chooseday pledge and makes a case for e-cigarettes. 

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When did you start smoking?

I started smoking when I was around 15. I’m now 26.


How many cigarettes do you smoke a week?

Buying normal packets of cigarettes was too expensive so I switched over to rolling my own because it was cheaper. Can’t really calculate how many but I smoke about 40 grams of tobacco a week.


What are your smoking triggers?

Being outside with other smokers and general social gatherings. Oh and when I drink.


Do you cave in to these triggers?

Once I get intoxicated there’s no stopping me.


What made you want to take the #chooseday pledge?

I ran up Basser Steps and found my breathing to be an issue, thought I should at least try to quit. For my health.


How long have being doing #chooseday?

Almost a month now


How has it been?

Really hard, I have cut back on smoking tobacco but I have replaced it with electronic cigarettes. I’ve been spending the same amount of money but I do feel a lot better.


Since beginning #chooseday has quitting smoking seemed like a more achievable goal?



Reason to quit: Economic

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A smoker may have hundreds of reasons to quit, from wanting to improve their general health to stopping for a loved one. Since mid 20th century the Australian government has sought to prevent smoking related illnesses and diseases, through means of increasing tobacco taxes. This has seen a steady increase in the cost of cigarettes with a 20 pack of Marlboro currently selling at around $19 with prices set to soar 12.5% over the next four years. If this tax is passed, it will see Australia become the most expensive place to smoke in the world. In order to further explore the correlation between the cost of smoking and the prevalence within society, we have listed the most expensive cigarette prices against the lowest (based on a 20 pack of Marlboro or equivalent).

Most expensive

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Australia – $18.56

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New Zealand – $17.56

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Norway – $17.50

Least expensive

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 3.33.51 PM

Pakistan – $1.17

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Vietnam – $1.19

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Nicaragua – $1.26

The Australian Government believes that by increasing tax prices of tobacco products will help curb smoking addiction. With tobacco-related diseases costing more than $31 billion to the national economy annually and causing over 15,000 deaths each year, the Federal Government has faced pressure to increase these taxes.

Recent predictions have indicated that the recent tax haul introduced will see around 800 million fewer cigarettes will be smoked in Australia and around 60,000 smokers will quit. Despite this, a current pack-a-day smoker will spend approximately $6,775 a year. Conversely, a pack-a-week smoker will spend just under a $1000 a year.

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